Our team consists of the principal investigator, two doctoral researchers, one postdoctoral researcher, and two research assistants.

Principal investigator: Dr. Bettina Reitz-Joosse

Bettina Reitz-Joosse is Associate Professor of Latin language and literature at the University of Groningen. She is the author of Building in Words, a 2021 monograph on architectural process in Roman literature. Her research within the FACERE project particularly focuses on the concept of ‘madeness’, on intermedial making, and on the constructions of makers in ancient texts. More information about her publications and projects can be found here.

PhD candidate: Friederike Brunzema

Friederike Brunzema studied German Literature and Ancient Greek at the Humboldt University Berlin (BA 2021) and won the Award of the Institute of Classical Philology (Eduard-Norden-Preis 2021) for her Bachelor’s thesis. This thesis, ‘The Elderly and Their Use of τέχνη in the Epigrams of the Anthologia Graeca’, examines how in the Epigrams τέχνη as knowledge/skills and τέχνη-bound tools affect the lives of old people, and how (Greek) society judges the use of τέχνη differently for old men and old women.

Further studies at the Humboldt University lead to a Master of Arts in September 2023, with an MA thesis on ‘Concepts of τύχη in Thucydides. Studies on the Fourth Book of the Peloponnesian War’. Within FACERE, she focuses on the sensual and embodied aspects of food preparation in Greek imperial literature.

PhD candidate: Hylke de Boer

Hylke de Boer studied Classics and Philosophy at the University of Groningen (BA 2020, 2021) and Classics at Leiden University (RMA 2023). His BA thesis on strangers in book IV of Propertius’ Elegies was awarded the CRASIS thesis prize. He wrote his MA thesis on human-nature interactions in Pliny’s Natural History. His research within the FACERE project focusses on iron and blacksmiths in Roman cultural discourse. He also has an interest in classical reception studies and is involved in the Anchoring the Fascist Revolution project.

Research assistant: David Lettink

David is a second-year student in the Groningen BA programme Griekse en Latijnse Talen en Cultuur.

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